Prima Packaging specializes in the manufacture of industrial pails and cans. In addition, the company also manufactures cookie cans, biscuit cans and printed plates.

The industrial pails comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. We manufacture both the open top and tight head pails. The open top pails are supplied with lugged covers which can be manufactured to incorporate various types of pouring orifices like screwcap, plastic plug and flexspout.

Besides normal pails, Prima Packaging also produces UN certified pails which meet the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (UN Marking). Our UN pails are certified by TUV SUD PSB in Singapore, an independent product certification body that provides specific testing services. Products certified with UN marking have undergone stringent test requirements related to packaging integrity such as the drop test, stacking test, hydrostatic pressure test, etc.

For general cans, Prima Packaging manufactures a variety of sizes and thicknesses. These cans are used to pack paints, varnish, lacquer, chemicals, inks, etc. Made from prime tinplates with double seaming technology, our cans can withstand handling and transportation without compromising their quality.

Here are the details of the pails and cans that Prima Packaging produces :

  • Pails

    Size Thickness (mm) Printing Lacquer
    10L 0.28 - 0.38 YES YES/NO
    18L 0.28 - 0.38 YES YES/NO
    20L 0.28 - 0.38 YES YES/NO
    25L 0.28 - 0.38 YES YES/NO
  • UN Pails

    Size Thickness (mm) Printing Lacquer Content
    10L 0.38 Yes YES/NO Solid
    10L 0.38 Yes YES/NO Liquid
    20L 0.38 Yes YES/NO Solid
    20L 0.38 Yes YES/NO Liquid
    21.5L 0.38 Yes YES/NO Liquid
  • Pail Covers

    Product Thickness (mm)
    UN Covers 0.43
    Lug Covers 0.28 - 0.38
    Tighthead with Screwcap 0.38
    Tighthead with Plastic Plug 0.38
    Tighthead with Flexspout 0.38
  • General Cans

    Size Thickness (mm) Printing Lacquer
    1L 0.22 Yes YES/NO
    5L 0.25 Yes YES/NO
    7L 0.27 Yes YES/NO
    1KG 0.22 Yes YES/NO
    2KG 0.24 Yes YES/NO
    3KG 0.24 Yes YES/NO
    4L 0.25 Yes YES/NO
    1US Gal 0.25 Yes YES/NO
    2.5L 0.25 Yes YES/NO
  • Cookies & Biscuits Cans

    Size Thickness (mm) Printing Lacquer
    710 Can (454gsm) 0.21 YES YES/NO
    614 Can (400gsm) 0.21 YES YES/NO
  • Printed Sheets

    Thickness (mm) Sheet Size (mm) Printing Lacquer
    0.2 - 0.45 950 x 1080 YES YES/NO